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Effect of Roll Period on the Drift of Large Ice Floes in Regular Waves

Author(s): Guoxing Huang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law

Linked Author(s): Wing Keung, Adrian Law

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Abstract: The present study investigates experimentally the wave-induced drift velocity of twodimensional large ice floes (with Lg/L > 0.2 where Lg is the longitudinal length and L the wave length) by regular waves. The focus is on the measurements of drift behavior with high accuracy as well as a wider range of parameters than what was previously reported in the literature. Stacked wood pieces with various submergences were used to simulate the large ice floes on the water surface. An infrared-based motion monitoring system with two high resolution cameras recorded continuously the three-dimensional movement of the modeled ice floes in regular waves. The results show that the drift velocity increased quickly in the beginning and reached a quasi-steady mean value. With respect to the effect of the roll period TR, the magnitude of the quasi-steady drift velocity typically increased with ratio of the roll period to the wave period (TR/T) until reaching a maximum when TR/T ≈ 1. Increasing the ratio of TR/T further did not lead to additional significant changes in the drift velocity.


Year: 2012

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