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The energy crisis in Europa reveals the importance of reliable hydropower as a catalyst and enabler for the clean and safe energy transition

Author(s): Anton J. Schleiss; Jean-Jacques Fry; Mark Morris

Linked Author(s): mark morris, Anton J. Schleiss

Keywords: Hydrolink; hydropower; energy transition; renewable energy; research agenda; strategic roadmap


Hydropower has a long tradition in Europe, contributing significantly during the first half of the last century to the welfare and industrial development of most countries across the continent. Today, reaching nearly 650 TWh of annual generation in an average hydrological year, the economically feasible hydropower potential within Europe (including Turkey) is approximately 65% utilized thus far (Figure 1). The installed capacity in Europe including Turkey reaches almost 230 GW today. Since 2013 annual hydropower and the total installed capacity has stagnated close to today’s values. It should be noted that in principle the yearly hydropower production is influenced by the hydrological situation each year.


Year: 2023

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