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Non-Hydrostatic Galerkin Model with Linear/Quadratic Weighted Average Pressure Profile

Author(s): Lucas Calvo; Diana De Padova; Michele Mossa; Gisselle Guerra

Linked Author(s): Lucas Calvo, Michele Mossa

Keywords: Depth-integrated; Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method; Linear/Quadratic non-hydrostatic pressure profile; Wave propagation

Abstract: In this work, a new two-dimensional depth-integrated non-hydrostatic model for the simulation of wave propagation using a weighted average linear/quadratic non-hydrostatic pressure profile is developed. The model is constructed by modifying an existing non-hydrostatic discontinuous/continuous Galerkin finite element model with a linear vertical non-hydrostatic pressure profile. The use of the new model in the numerical solution of a linear standing wave proved its applicability. The application of the linear/quadratic weighted average non-hydrostatic pressure profile improved the performance of previous models that used linear pressure profiles


Year: 2023

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