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Analysis of Diffusive-Dispersive Processes in Spatially-Varying Flows in a Water Distribution Network

Author(s): Stefania Piazza; Zhangjie Peng; Frederick C. Sonnenwald; Jesus Leonardo Corredor Garcia; Mariacrocetta Sambito; Gabriele Freni; Ian Guymer

Linked Author(s): Gabriele Freni, Ian Guymer

Keywords: WDN; Water quality; Experimental analysis; Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Abstract: To correctly model water quality within the distribution networks, it is necessary to use models that effectively reproduce concentration variations, considering all the transport mechanisms involved (advection, diffusiondispersion, reaction). Currently, the water quality models use steady-state hydraulic modelling, in which the momentum and water volume conservation equations present simplifications. On the other hand, there are cases in which it is not possible to use the steady-state analysis and it is essential to consider the spatially varied condition. Some recent studies have analysed the longitudinal dispersion processes of a fluorescent tracer inside a linear pipeline under unsteady flow conditions as a function of the different existing flow regimes (Laminar, Transitional, Turbulent). This showed that using a flow-weighted time routing approach, using mean tracer velocity and dispersion coefficients provides accurate mixing predictions in an unsteady flow. This study aims to experimentally investigate the longitudinal and radial dispersion processes within water distribution networks under spatially varied flow conditions to investigate how these processes influence the transport of two conservative tracers (sodium chloride and rhodamine 6G) in complex systems. We used two different experimental approaches: one simplified and usable also in real network during service; one more detailed to be used in controlled environments.


Year: 2023

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