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Macro-Roughness Elements for River Restoration: Flow Structures

Author(s): Simone Speltoni; Isabella Schalko; Volker Weitbrecht; Robert M. Boes

Linked Author(s): Isabella Schalko, Volker Weitbrecht, Robert Boes

Keywords: Flow dynamics; LSPIV; Macro-roughness elements; River restoration; Wood

Abstract: River restoration projects aim at reintroducing habitats and ecological functions that might have been lost due to anthropogenic forcings, such as flood protection measures or hydropower plants. The effort to restore the ecological value of a river can imply different concepts, considering target species, ecological habitats, as well as available space. In cases where space is limited, macro-roughness elements can be built to create morphological and flow heterogeneity to provide fluvial habitats such as pools, riffles, and runs. Their placement in the river reach, as well as their shape and geometry affect local flow and morphological structures. Besides improved ecological conditions these measures may as well have an impact on flood protection issues. In this paper, we present a brief literature review about previous laboratory and field experiments on the physical behavior of wood placements as macro-roughness elements with respect to flow dynamics. To complement previous studies, field experiments will be conducted on the effect of engineered logjams, rootwads, and boulder sills on the local flow conditions. The methods and research questions of the planned experiments using largescale surface particle image velocimetry are herein summarized.


Year: 2023

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