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Development of Ku-Stiv: Software to Measure Surface Velocity Distribution and Discharge From River Surface Images

Author(s): Ichiro Fujita, Takashi Deguchi, Kiyonori Doi, Daisuke Ogino, Yuichi Notoya, Saaya Tateguchi

Linked Author(s): Ichiro FUJITA

Keywords: Surface flow measurement, image-based technique, STIV, real-time discharge measurement

Abstract: Measurement and collection of river discharge during a flood are of vital importance for a proper management of a river basin especially in huge floods when conventional flow measurement methods, such as a float method or a point by point measurement with a probe type instrument, are difficult to apply. Unfortunately, such a situation occurred several times in Japan in recent years due to the increase of high water level floods. In order not to miss such flow measurements, the use of imaging techniques have been paid attention in the past decade, i. e. , the use of video images recorded by a river monitoring camera installed at several locations along a river. It is because such a video recording system is hard to be destroyed even when overtopping flows takes place. Among the imaging techniques, the space-time image velocimetry (STIV) is considered as one of the most robust techniques for discharge measurements possible to apply even when the video images were deteriorated by several causes. In order to distribute the idea of using STIV technique more efficiently, software KU-STIV was developed in this research. With KU-STIV and some additional hardware installation, a real-time measurement becomes possible. The system to use a far-infrared camera in combination with an image sharpening device was introduced for establishing an all-time and real-time system including measurements during the night


Year: 2017

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