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Japan Chapter Director 2012-01-01 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2012-01-01 2012-10-24

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Application of Optical Flow Techniques for River Surface Flow Measurements 2020
Discharge Estimation by STIV Combined with the Maximum Entropy Method 2020
Investigation of free-surface dynamics in an open-channel flow 2020
Application of Masked Two-Dimensional Fourier Spectrum for Improving Measurement Accuracy of River Surface Flow 2019
Direct Numerical Simulation of a Shallow Turbulent Flow over a Rough Bed 2019
Characteristics of Flow and Bedform in a River Reach with Cobble BAR Vegetation and Its Refugia 2018
Development of Aerial Space Time Volume Velocimetry for Measuring Surface Velocity Vector Distribution from UAV 2018
LSPIV App Data Fusion of Velocity and Elevation Data 2018
Measurement of Inundating Flow from a Broken Enbankment by Using Video Images Shoot from a Media Helicopter 2018
Wavenumber-Frequency Analysis of River Surface Texture to Improve Accuracy of Image-Based Velocimetry 2018
Development of Ku-Stiv: Software to Measure Surface Velocity Distribution and Discharge From River Surface Images 2017
Analysis of Water Surface Fluctuations in Open-Channel Turbulent Flow with Strip Roughness by LES with VOF and PIV with Two High-Speed Cameras 2015
Development of UAV-Based River Surface Velocity Measurement by STIV Based on High-Accurate Image Stabilization Techniques 2015
Hydrodynamic Effects on Refugia of Cobble-Bar Vegetation Established Along River Bend 2015
Numerical and Experimental Study of Three Dimensional Flow Structures and Water Surface Fluctuations at a Right-Angled Confluence 2015
Efficient Measurement of River Flow by Using a Digital Clinometer in Image-Based Techniques 2014
Image Analysis of Surface Grain Size Distribution of a Cobble BAR Shot at Various Heights from a Multicopter 2014
Day and Night Measurements of Snow Melt Floods by STIV with a Far Infrared Camera 2013
Space-Time Image Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Flash Flood Caused by Torrential Rain in Urbanized Area 2011
Efficient Space-Time Image Analysis of River Surface Pattern Using Two Dimensional Fast Fourier Tranformation 2009
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of River Bank Erosion in Steep Mountainous Terrain 2009
Measurements of Flood Discharge by Using Space Time Image Velocimetry with a High Resolution Video Camera 2007
Sensitivity of Grid Spacing to Prediction and Co- Herent Flow Structure of Inundation on Urban Area 2007
Automated Grid Generation for Flood Prediction Using LIDAR Data 2005
Efficient Image Analysis Method for River Flow Measurement Using Space-Time Images 2005
Experimental Obervations on Sediment Particle Kinematics Using Two-Phase Flow Measurements 2003
Velocity Measurements Around Non-Submerged and Submerged Spur Dykes by Means of Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry 2003
Discharge Measurements of Flood Flow by Imaging Technology and Float Method 2001
Image-Based Technique for River Monitoring 1999
Large-scale particle image velocimetry for flow analysis in hydraulic engineering applications 1998
2-D Models for Flows in the River with Submerged Groins 1997
Particle-Image Velocimetry for Ice-Field Velocities 1997
Surface Velocity Measurement of River Flow Using Video Images of an Oblique Angle 1997
Numerical and Image Analyses of Turbulent Flow in Open Channel Trench 1995

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