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Aquatic Mosses on Cobble in Riffles and Those Resistance to Disturbances Due to High Flow and Sediment Impact

Author(s): Ryota Tsubaki, Yuji Toda, Takashi Tashiro

Linked Author(s): Ryota Tsubaki, Yuji Toda, Takashi Tashiro

Keywords: Aquatic moss; Gravel-bed river; Riffle; Response to flood disturbance;


The growth of aquatic mosses attached to cobbles as a bed material in riffles was confirmed in a river in Japan. Covering bed material with aquatic mosses reduces the biomass of attached algae that is a source of energy for commercial fish. We sought to understand how aquatic mosses maintain coverage on the river bed in riffles from the viewpoint of response to flood disturbance. Resistance to disturbances due to water flow and sediment impingement on mosses was investigated with a laboratory experiment. We observed that intermediate impact seems to remove silt in the biofilm but that the majority of mosses maintain coverage. Based on visual inspection of moss cover following the experiment, we found that remaining moss consists of short fresh stems. In general, mosses seem well adapted to the high-speed flow environment typical in riffles.


Year: 2019

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