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Numerical modelling of simultaneous overtopping and seepage flows with application to dike breaching

Author(s): Shinichiro Onda; Takashi Hosoda; Nenad M. Jaćimović; Ichiro Kimura

Linked Author(s): Shinichiro Onda, Takashi Hosoda, Nenad Jacimovic

Keywords: Dike breaching; erosion; numerical simulation; overtopping flow; seepage flow

Abstract: Dike failures due to overtopping frequently occur during floods, causing serious damage to settlements and the environment. For risk management, it is of great importance to understand the mechanisms of dike failure and predict this process accurately. In this study, a three-dimensional numerical model is developed to simulate both overtopping and seepage flows during dike breaching. The governing equations describing the free water flow are extended and applied to simulate also the filtration through porous media. A non-equilibrium sediment transport model is utilized for simulation of the bed deformation. The numerical model is firstly applied to flows over a solid embankment in order to validate the flow part of the model, and then the dike breaching is simulated such that the bed deformation model is also incorporated. By comparison with the experimental results, it is shown that the developed model reproduces overflow and the dike failure processes reasonably well.


Year: 2019

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