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Effect of an obstacle on the depositional behaviour of turbidity currents

Author(s): Ahmadreza Farizan; Sina Yaghoubi; Bahar Firoozabadi; Hossein Afshin

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Keywords: Deposition; experiment; inlet concentration; obstacle height; suspended sediment flux; turbidity current

Abstract: Turbidity currents are responsible for much of the sedimentation in reservoirs. In order to control these flows, various methods such as placing an obstacle in their path have been proposed. In this study, the effect of inlet sediment concentration and obstacle height on the behaviour of turbidity currents is investigated experimentally. For this purpose, some experiments were carried out with different inlet concentrations and various obstacle heights. Velocity and concentration profiles were measured using an acoustic Doppler velocimeter. To examine the depositional behaviour of turbidity current, suspended sediment flux was calculated using velocity and concentration profiles of the current. The results indicate that increasing the obstacle height reduces the sediment flux upstream of the obstacle, and therefore more sedimentation occurs in the region. At low inlet concentrations, it was shown that the sediment flux is approximately constant along the channel and is independent of the obstacle height.


Year: 2019

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