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Assessment of two-equation model for simulation of air pocket advancing into a rectangular duct

Author(s): Hamid Bashiri Atrabi; Takashi Hosoda

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Keywords: Air flow; incompressible fluid; Manning’s roughness; mixed flow; surface tension

Abstract: This research aims to evaluate the influence of air on the water surface and pressure profiles in two-phase (air–water) flow. In previous studies, the authors used the continuity and momentum equations for water in a one-dimensional finite volume model. In the present study, the authors additionally incorporate both the mass conservation and momentum equations for incompressible fluids as basic equations for the air portion. Momentum equations were integrated for the free surface and pressurized flow regions after interface observations made at each time step. To correct velocity and pressure in the pressurized portion, the authors used the highly simplified mark-and-cell method. A pressure drop equation is used at the interface of pressurized and free surface flows to deduce the pressure. The Harten total variation diminishing scheme was used to avoid numerical oscillations. The results were compared with experimental data and numerical simulations without considering the air effect.


Year: 2019

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