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Erosion caused by propeller jets in a low energy harbour basin

Author(s): Anna Mujal-Colilles; Xavier Gironella; Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla; Carol Puig Polo; Manuel Garcia-Leon

Linked Author(s): Anna Mujal, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla

Keywords: Erosion control; erosion processes; field studies; flow–structure interactions; sedimentation; turbulence–sediments interactions; velocity measurements

Abstract: Field data of a harbour basin are compared with analytical formulations for predicting maximum scouring depth due to propeller jets. Spatial data analysis of seven-year biannual bathymetries quantifies the evolution of the scouring hole along with the sedimentation process within a harbour basin. The maximum scouring depth is found to be of the order of the propeller diameter with a maximum scouring rate within the first six months of docking manoeuvring. Three of the analysed expressions yielded realistic results while observed discrepancies between the theoretical predictions and field data are related to scaling factors. The outcomes of this analysis can be extrapolated to other harbours to improve their management. The obtained results highlight the importance of field data in developing combined physical and numerical models.


Year: 2017

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