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A hybrid-grid 3D model for regular waves interacting with cylinders

Author(s): Congfang Ai; Weiye Ding; Sheng Jin

Linked Author(s): Congfang Ai, Weiye Ding

Keywords: Circular cylinder; three-dimensional models; wave forces; wave–structure interactions; wave run-up

Abstract: A hybrid-grid 3D non-hydrostatic model is developed and applied to predict nonlinear regular waves interacting with vertical circular cylinders. The model solves unsteady momentum and mass conservation equations by means of an explicit projection method. The 3D grid system is built from a 2D horizontal grid by adding several horizontal layers. The Perot’s scheme is used to treat horizontal advection terms in momentum equations. The 2D horizontal domain is discretized using a hybrid-grid system comprising rectangular and triangular cells to improve the model boundary-flexibility. The numerical model is validated against the experimental data of Stokes wave and cnoidal wave interacting with a vertical circular cylinder, respectively. Good agreement between model results and the experimental data are achieved, demonstrating the capability of the model on resolving interactions between nonlinear regular waves and vertical circular cylinders.


Year: 2017

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