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Overtopping of harbour breakwaters: a comparison of semi-empirical equations, neural networks, and physical model tests

Author(s): Ángeles M. Rodríguez Gil; José F. Sánchez González; Ramón Gutiérrez Serret; Vicente Negro Valdecantos

Linked Author(s): Ángeles Rodríguez, José Francisco Sánchez González, Ramón Gutiérrez Serret

Keywords: Experimental facilities; laboratory studies; model effects; overtopping; scale effects; wave-structure interactions; wind

Abstract: This paper reports extensive tests of empirical equations developed by different authors for harbour breakwater overtopping. First, the existing equations are compiled and evaluated as tools for estimating the overtopping rates on sloping and vertical breakwaters. These equations are then tested using the data obtained in a number of laboratory studies performed in the Centre for Harbours and Coastal Studies of the CEDEX, Spain. It was found that the recommended application ranges of the empirical equations typically deviate from those revealed in the experimental tests. In addition, a neural network model developed within the European CLASH Project is tested. The wind effects on overtopping are also assessed using a reduced scale physical model.


Year: 2015

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