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Hydraulic jumps on rough and smooth beds: aggregate approach for horizontal and adverse-sloped beds

Author(s): Stefano Pagliara; Michele Palermo

Linked Author(s): Stefano Pagliara, Michele Palermo

Keywords: Aerated flows; bubble dynamics; bed roughness; drag coefficient; friction factor; hydraulic jumps; hydraulic models; hydraulic resistance

Abstract: Hydraulic jumps, which frequently occur in hydraulic structures, have been extensively studied over the last century. However, only a few studies have evaluated hydraulic jumps in flows over rough beds and there are no studies that consider the air entrainment effect on conjugate depths. The current paper reports the results of an experimental investigation of hydraulic jump properties in flows over adverse-sloped rough beds, including the effect of air entrainment. Furthermore, a semi-theoretical predictive relationship is proposed to estimate jump characteristics for a wide range of hydraulic and geometric conditions covering both rough and smooth beds.


Year: 2015

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