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On the definition of solid discharge in hydro-environment research and applications

Author(s): Francesco Ballio; Vladimir Nikora; Stephen E. Coleman

Linked Author(s): Francesco Ballio, Vladimir Nikora

Keywords: Bedload; fluvial hydraulics; sediment transport; solid discharge

Abstract: Various forms of mass balance equations are commonly used in sediment transport studies and applications. However, the quantities involved in such equations are not always clearly defined, with sediment flux (or solid discharge) as a typical example. Starting with the fundamental definitions, this paper provides a general and consistent framework for integral (Eulerian) mass balances and gives scale-consistent definitions for instantaneous and time-averaged variables. In particular, alternative expressions for the instantaneous and averaged solid discharge are proposed and compared with the existing formulations. Conceptual developments of this study are illustrated using sediment transport data from laboratory experiments.


Year: 2014

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