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Stilling basin erosion due to vertical crossing jets

Author(s): Stefano Pagliara; Michele Palermo PhD; Dipankar Roy PhD

Linked Author(s): Stefano Pagliara, Michele Palermo, dipankar

Keywords: Plunge pool; scour; spillway; tailwater; vertical crossing jet

Abstract: The scour process due to plunging jets has received considerable attention in the past few decades. This work analyses the effect of vertical jets crossing at various angles. Different scour morphologies created under various hydraulic and geometrical conditions are distinguished. The splash shapes are also analysed and a qualitative description is furnished. The scour phenomenon is analysed, resulting in relationships that can be used to predict the main geometrical scour parameters, including the maximum scour hole depth, the scour hole length, and the scour hole width. The scour hole and dune profiles are compared with those due to a single jet under identical hydraulic conditions, whose vertical inclination with respect to the horizontal plane equals the average vertical angle between the two crossing jets. It was found that for high tailwater condition, the scour hole depth due to crossing jets is less than that for the single jet.


Year: 2012

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