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Finite volumes for 2D shallow-water flow with bed-load transport on unstructured grids

Author(s): Alberto Serrano-Pacheco; Javier Murillo; Pilar Garcia-Navarro

Linked Author(s): Alberto Serrano Pacheco, Javier Murillo, Pilar García-Navarro

Keywords: Bed-load transport; Exner equation; Grass model; shallow-water system; unstructured grid

Abstract: In this work, two-dimensional (2D) bed-load transport simulations based on the depth-averaged shallow-water equations and the Exner equation are presented. The Exner equation is written assuming that bed-load transport is governed by a power law of the depth-averaged flow velocity and by a flow ediment interaction parameter acting as a calibration coefficient. Uncoupled and coupled numerical resolutions of the global problem are considered. A Roe-type first-order upwind scheme has been applied as approximate Riemann solver for the discretization on 2D unstructured meshes. The uncoupled resolution is presented as a simple extension of a previous 2D shallow-water model. The details of the new implementation in the coupled system problem are provided. The models are tested comparing with exact solutions of 2D cases as well as experimental laboratory data.


Year: 2012

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