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Comparative study of 1D and 2D flow simulations at open-channel junctions

Author(s): Rabih Ghostine PhD; Jose Vazquez; Abdelali Terfous; Robert Mose; Abdellah Ghenaim

Linked Author(s): Rabih Ghostine, Abdelali Terfous, Abdellah Ghenaim

Keywords: Combining model; discontinuous Galerkin method; numerical modelling; open-channel junction; Saint-Venant equations; steady flow

Abstract: In this paper, a comparison between the 1D and 2D approaches for simulating combining flows at open-channel junctions is presented. The two approaches are described allowing for a full comprehension of flow modelling. For flows in an open-channel network, mutual effects exist among the channel branches at a junction. Therefore, the 1D Saint-Venant equations for the branch flows are supplemented by various junction models. The existing models are of empirical nature and depend on the flow regime and thus are not practical in all cases. The numerical approximation of the two approaches is performed by the Runge–Kutta discontinuous Galerkin scheme and tested using defined flow problems to illustrate the results of the two approaches. Comparisons are conducted for supercritical, transitional and subcritical flows, indicating the validity range of the 1D approach and the advantages of the 2D approach.


Year: 2012

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