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Computations of the Flows over the Weir Changing from the Submerged to Surface Flows

Author(s): Seongwook Choi; Sung-Uk Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

Keywords: Submerged hydraulic jump; Embankment-type weir; Re-circulation zone; Flow transition; Turbulence model

Abstract: Flow over the embankment-type weir shows a transition from the submerged hydraulic jump to the surface flow as the tailwater depth increases. The submerged hydraulic jump induces so called “hydraulic or drowning machine” downstream of the weir and severe scour in the vicinities of the free surface and bed, respectively. The increase of the tailwater depth makes the transition to the surface flow, resulting in the dramatic change of the flow structure. This study attempted numerical simulations of the two flow regimes for the flow over the embankment-type weir using the k-ω SST model. Both submerged hydraulic jump and surface flow are simulated and computed results are compared not only with measured data but also with results by the k-ε model. Hydraulic characteristics of the two flow regimes are presented and discussed.


Year: 2020

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