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Flume Study on Driftwood Capturing System Using Rectangular Embayment Zone

Author(s): Takaaki Okamoto; Michio Sanjou

Linked Author(s): Michio Sanjou

Keywords: Driftwood capturing structure; Embayment zone; PIV

Abstract: At the time of localized torrential rains, wood on a mountain surface is washed onto rivers and these driftwood in rivers aggravate the flood events. For example, large driftwood accumulates at a bridge and blocks a river, which lead to flooding of the nearby areas. In the present study, we considered the driftwood capturing structure using an embayment zone to remove woody debris from the river. The laboratory flume experiments were conducted and we investigated the trapping probability of driftwood in the embayment zone. To induce the model logs toward the embayment zone, the groyne is installed on the opposite side of the embayment zone. The results indicated that the trapping probability is highly influenced by the groyne position and the goyne length. When Groyne2 was installed upstream of Groyne1, woody debris can be trapped in the embayment zone efficiently without using long groyne.


Year: 2020

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