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Multi-Sensor for Debris Flow Monitoring and Warning

Author(s): Ratih Indri Hapsari; Satoru Oishi; Gerard Aponno; Ratna Ika Putri

Linked Author(s): Satoru Oishi

Keywords: Soil water index; Debris flow; Satellite; Ground sensors; Rainfall

Abstract: Debris flow disaster is one of the most destructive events arising from volcanic eruptions. For disaster prediction systems, continuous rain and soil moisture monitoring is needed. This study aims to evaluate the performance of remote sensing technique and wireless sensor-based system to detect soil water content by comparing with direct soil testing and water budget modeling. The potential of Soil Water Index (SWI) product from Copernicus Global Land Service for providing continuous real time observation is evaluated. The study are conducted in upper Brantas River basin Indonesia. The analysis shows that performance of remote sensing and ground device installed on the river slope of upper Brantas is proven. The Pearson correlation coefficients when the observations are evaluated each other range from 0.59 to 0.75. The spatial autocorrelation for SWI gives Moran’s I index of 0.20 to 0.50 which indicates positive correlation. The amount of moisture in the soil from laboratory test has shown the reliability of ground sensor monitoring as well as remote sensing product. This work is expected to contribute to debris flow hazard mitigation in volcanic regions.


Year: 2020

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