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Spillway Jet: Historical Advance from Weir Toward Standard Spillway

Author(s): Willi H. Hager; Robert M. Boes

Linked Author(s): Robert Boes, Willi H. Hager

Keywords: Biography; History; Hydraulics; Spillway; Weir

Abstract: This research describes the development of the lower nappe trajectory definition issued by standard rectangular sha rpcrested weirs. Based on the experimentation of Henry Bazin in the late 19th century, who correctly scaled his data with the approach overflow depth, the advances made particularly by the Hydraulic Laboratory of Padova University, Italy, are highlighted. In addition, the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research has significantly contributed to the solution of this problem. Numerical solutions were presented comparatively late given the complexities with gravity-affected water jets. Currently, these questions are mainly solved by hydraulic model experimentation, given the challenges posed by the effects of jet aeration, viscosity, and surface tension. The latter two are excluded if minimum overflow depths of the order of 50 mm are considered, a main result of the researches discussed below.


Year: 2015

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