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A New Simulation Model for Damage of Cavitation and Silt Erosion

Author(s): Gou Wen-Juan; Lian Ji-Jian; Wu Jian-Hua

Linked Author(s): Jianhua Wu

Keywords: Model; Damage; Carbon steel; Silt-laden water

Abstract: Damage of cavitation and silt erosion usually occurs simultaneously in hydraulic structures and hydro-machinery of high dam in a silt-laden river. A new model is necessary to be proposed for prediction of the synergetic damage. This model derived from experiments of cavitation and silt erosion for ASMT 1045 carbon steel in silt-laden water with three sediment concentrations (25 kg/m3, 50 kg/m3, and 85 kg/m3) and five mean sizes (0. 531 mm, 0. 253 mm, 0. 063 mm, 0. 042 mm and0. 026 mm) with 4 hours duration time by means of a special vibratory apparatus. The experiment results present that sediments aggravated cavitation damage while their sizes are larger than an indicated size; conversely, the damage is relieved. Hence, sediment size strongly dominates the various effects on damage and this model is built on the phenomenon. The model was thus set up by an integral with accessible superimposition between the relations of damage and three factors of time, size, concentration as the integrand and the particle size distribution as domain of integration.


Year: 2015

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