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Ice Properties in ISO 19906's Second Edition

Author(s): Knut V. Høyland; Ekaterina Kim; Aleksey Marchenko; Ben Lishman; Paul D. Barrette

Linked Author(s): Knut Hoyland


Abstract: The second edition of ISO 19906 Arctic Offshore structures was issued in 2019. In this paper, we describe the changes that were made to sections dealing with ice properties and discuss the relationship between them and ice actions. The changes can be divided into five groups: 1) Physical properties (temperature, density and porosity), 2) modulus of elasticity, 3) ice friction, 4) mechanical properties in level ice (uniaxial and multi-axial compressive strength, flexural strength and borehole jack strength), and 5) the keel properties of first-year ridge (Mohr-Coulomb, macro-porosity). The standard is written in such a way so that simple approaches in design guidelines complement more elaborate models. Both currently face at least three challenges, namely, the lack of full-scale data, a complicated physical environment, and a lack of understanding of the deformation mechanisms taking place in the ice.


Year: 2020

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