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Numerical Modelling of Mixing of the RAS-Laffan Desalination Plant Outfall in Qatar Coastal Water

Author(s): A. Pilechi; A. M. Mohammadian; C. D. Rennie; H. Qiblawey

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Keywords: Surface outfall; Mixing-nested model; Buoyant effluent

Abstract: In this study a nested coupled hydrodynamic-wave approach has been introduced to model the mixing pattern of thermal plumes in coastal waters. The model performance was verified using field measured and remotely sensed data of the Ras Laffan Industrial City thermal effluent plume in Qatar coastal waters. The method was found to be an efficient approach for practical applications which can be used in designing coastal outfalls as well as for environmental impact assessment purposes. Various factors were investigated in this study, including the effect of lateral confinement, wave interaction with the ambient flow, wave dissipation factors and different turbulence models. The lateral confinement was observed to weaken the minimum dilution rate by 50% at the end of the near-field. The white capping process was also found more significant on the mixing process among the other investigated wave dissipation factors.


Year: 2016

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