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Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water

Author(s): Keiichi Toda; Taisuke Ishigaki; Yasuyuki Baba

Linked Author(s): Keiichi Toda, Taisuke Ishigaki, Yasuyuki Baba

Keywords: Evacuation; Real size experiment; Bicycle

Abstract: We have conducted evacuation experiments using real size models and studied the difficulty of evacuation by bicycle in flood water. To simulate real flow in a road, an almost actual-sized channel was installed. For the flow velocities of 0.25m/s and 0.5m/s, the depths were changed from10cm to 40cm in units of 10cm. Participants pedaled two types of bicycles and their run speed was measured. We have also conducted questionnaire survey to the participants. The run speed by bicycle was almost the same as the walking speed without water of 1.33m/s (4.8km/h) under the conditions of flow velocity of 0.5m/s and the water depth of 20cm and flow velocity of 0.25m/s and the water depth of 30cm. According to the questionnaire survey, about 80%participants answered the critical evacuation condition by bicycle was 30cm and less for the flow velocity of0.5m/s. As a result, under the flow velocity condition this time, the water depth of 20cm to 30cm can become a critical condition of evacuation by bicycle in flood water.


Year: 2016

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