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A Study on Safe Evacuation from Inundated Underground Mall by a Multi-Agent Model 2020
Effect of Masonry Embankment Located on Mountain Slope Called as “Iga-Bane” 2020
Flood Disaster and Safe Evacuation in Drainage Area with Small Rivers 2020
Subway Inundation and Whhelchair User Evacuation During Tsunami by Nankai Trough Earthquake 2020
Underground Inundation by Pluvial Flood in Fully Urbanized Area of Osaka 2020
Underground Inundation by Simultaneous Pluvial and Fluvial Flooding in Urban Area 2020
Experimental Learning in Primary Schools for Disaster Prevention with Hydraulic Models 2019
Subway Inundation by Fluvial Flooding and Evacuation From Subway Stations 2017
Environment Assessment Method Based on Survey Results of Attached Organisms in Tidal Zone 2016
Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water 2016
Subway Inundation by Pluvial Flooding in Urban Area 2016
Drag Forces of Submerged Shrubs and Trees in Open-Channel Flows 2015
Drifting Condition of Motor Vehicle and Road Configuration During Flood 2014
Tsunami Preparedness and Evacuation of Beach Users 2014
Turbulent Characteristics in Open Channel Flow for One Line Trees 2013
Estimation of Inundation Hazard and the Flood Reduction Effect of Storage Pipe 2010
Flow and Flood Damage in a Narrow Stream Valley 2010
Flow Structure in a Compound Meandring Channel with Embayments 2010
A Sustainable Solution for the Stabilization Ofnavigational Channels in Floodplain Environment 2005
Experimental Study on Evacuation from Underground Space in Urban Flood 2005
Two-Dimensional Analysis on Solid-Liquid-Phase Flow in an Open Channel with a Rubble Mound Groin 2005
Secondary Flow and Bed Form in Compound Sinuous Channel for Steady and Unsteady Flows 2001
An Experimental Study on the Tidal Vortexes in a Strait 1999
Bed Shear Stress in Meandering Channels for Overbank Flow 1999
Flow Structure in a Compound Sinuous Channel 1999
Coherent Structure Near the Side-Wall in Open Channel Flow 1995

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