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Impacts of Flooding on Net Primary Productivity in the Floodplain Being Affected by Anthropic Pressures

Author(s): Yusuke Hiraga; Ayako Amano; So Kazama

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: Mekong river; Flood duration; NPP; Nutrient; Cambodia; Watershed development

Abstract: In the lower Mekong River Basin, annual flood duration and water depth were obtained by flooding and inundation model. And the impacts of flooding on Net Primary Productivity and land development were clarified in this area. Each NPP and land cover data were obtained from NEO and ISCGM. As a result, it was showed that the ratio of cropland decreases approximately 10%, if annual flood duration is increased for 2 months in each grid. And NPP showed peak value at the place which annual flood duration is 7.5 month/year. Furthermore, there is positive correlation between annual maximum water level of Mekong River and NPP in floodplain end. And we found that NPP is much more affected by flood duration than nutrient concentration, using distribution of nutrient concentration in this area.


Year: 2016

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