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Urban Flood Damage Costs Estimation in Developing Country

Author(s): Nurul Fajar Januriyadi; So Kazama; Idhamr Iyando Moe; Shuichi Kure

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: Damage costs; Global economic indicators; Urban area

Abstract: Flood is one of natural disaster that caused many damages in human life both intangible and tangible damage. For estimating tangible damage, we need some of economic parameters. The problem in developing country is lack of data. The objective of this study is to estimate flood damage costs in urban area in developing country by using global economic indicators. The study area is Jakarta city which is capital of Indonesia and also as the biggest urban area in Indonesia. The main method of this study consist of two steps, flood inundation modelling and flood damage costs calculation. The result of this study is the highest damage cost sector is residential sector and the opposite is paddy field sector.


Year: 2016

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