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The Examination on Flood Damage of the Shonai River Considering an Underground Space in Urban Area

Author(s): Makoto Takeda; Yoshiki Shimada; Kenji Kawaike; Naoki Matsuo

Linked Author(s): Kenji Kawaike, Naoki Matsuo

Keywords: Inundation analysis; Urban area; Underground space

Abstract: The flood disaster occurred at the Shounai River basin due to the heavy rain of typhoon 15,2011. At Shidami area in Nagoya city, the inundation due to the overflow from the river dike occurred and the evacuation information was issued to 1,000,000 citizens of Nagoya city. Fortunately, the large scale water disaster did not occur. The serious hazard may occur in the case of the dike break. Especially, as a lot of underground space exists in Nagoya city, in the case of the inundation due to a dike break, there is the risk of the inundation of the underground space such as the underground shopping center and the subway. In this study, we treated the inundation water behavior due to the dike break conditions. From analysis results, the features of the inundation water behavior by the dike break point were shown clearly. As there is the railway embankment at the dike of 15km point from the mouth of the river, the features of the inundation is significantly different by the dike break point of the upstream or the downstream of 15km point. Moreover, the inundation water volume of the underground space becomes large value because the inundation water flows to Nagoya station area with many entrances of underground space in the case of the dike break of 17km and 19km point.


Year: 2016

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