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Evaluation of Snow and Groundwater Storages by a Hydrological Model

Author(s): Masahito Saito; So Kazama; Syunsuke Aita

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: Snowfall; Water resources; Energy balance

Abstract: One-dimension model was developed with an energy balance equation and expanded it to two-dimension model to evaluate the storage of snowpack and subsurface water in Yonaizawa Basin, 683 km 2, Akita Prefecture in Japan. The twodimension model was composed of SWE (Snow Water Equivalent) model and a runoff model. As results, Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency coefficient for the two-dimension model was 0.74, and the storage height of snowpack approximately was 1,000mm at most. On the other hand, the storage height of subsurface water approximately was 60 mm at most. Therefore, it was indicated that snowpack in snowfall season was highly important for water resources in mountain areas.


Year: 2016

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