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Effect of Flip Buckets on Energy Dissipation-Case Study for Baihetan Project

Author(s): Fei Ma; Jianhua Wu; Yu Wang

Linked Author(s): Fei Ma, Jianhua Wu

Keywords: Energy dissipation; Flip bucket; Scour

Abstract: The present paper mainly investigated the effect of different type flip buckets on energy dissipation and flow diffusion in the river downstream of buckets, taking Baihetan project for an example. Many different type flip buckets were used in present study, such as circular shaped, swallow-tail shaped, and gradually widened, and oblique outlet section flip buckets. The experimental results indicated that, the larger jet trajectory or angle between the jet and the river directions may lead to the larger flow velocity of the right bank, and even cause the flow impacts straightly the bank. Whereas, increasing the degree of the jet scatter may promote the energy dissipation and flow diffusion. By means of comparison, the oblique outlet section bucket can promote the jet scatter and avoid the flow choking. At last the optimization design for Baihetan project was proposed according to model test results.


Year: 2016

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