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Environment Assessment Method Based on Survey Results of Attached Organisms in Tidal Zone

Author(s): Tomohiro Ichise; Hiroaki Shimada; Taisuke Ishigaki

Linked Author(s): Taisuke Ishigaki

Keywords: HEP; Project evaluation; Intertidal zone; Sessile organisms; Assessment evaluation

Abstract: To make an environment assessment of project in coastal area, their effect on fisheries have to be evaluated. In this evaluation, prey density survey by divers and water quality survey are conducted. As these surveys need time and cost, the necessity of more convenient measure is increasing. The relation between fish catches and prey density in tidal zone is known well. In this paper, the relation between environmental indicators in subtidal zone and HEP indicators obtained by attached organisms survey in tidal zone is clarified, and a new criterion for estimating the soundness of fisheries is proposed. Validity of the criterion is reinforced with the findings that fish catches in study sites can be estimated by that. From the results, it is found that the criterion is useful as indicator of assessing projects in coastal area.


Year: 2016

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