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Downstream Turbulence Patterns of Submerged Thin Plate Weirs

Author(s): Guinevere Nalder

Linked Author(s): Guinevere Nalder

Keywords: Submerged thin plates weirs; Hydraulic structures

Abstract: A thin plate weir becomes submerged when rising downstream water levels swamp the aerated nappe of the modular situation. While several engineers have developed equations for calculating discharges over submerge weirs, little interest has been taken in the changing pattern of turbulence downstream of the weir. Previous work on the effect of unequal bed levels, could only use water levels as a proxy to examine the turbulence pattern. However, work done in the Croucher laboratory at The University of Hong Kong has enabled an initial examination to be made of the downstream turbulence patterns. The studies showed the expected effects of unequal bed levels and also demonstrated the succession of turbulence patterns with increasing submergence. At the very high submergence, discharge was in the form of a high speed jet skimming across the top of a more slowly circulating turbulence. This boundary forms a complex shear layer.


Year: 2014

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