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Evaluation of Long Term Variation of Intertidal Topography of Nha Trang Beach Based on High Frequency Video Processing

Author(s): Nguyen Viet Duc; Nguyen Trung Viet; Duong Hai Thuan; Le Thanh Binh; Dao Van Hung; Nguyen Thai Binh; Jean Pierre Lefebvre; Rafael Almar

Linked Author(s): Trung Viet Nguyen

Keywords: Inter-tidal topography; Nha Trang; Shoreline detection; Video image analysis

Abstract: This study takes advantage of a permanent video monitoring system installed on southern part of Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam in May 2013. The estimation of inter-tidal topography is achieved by relating hourly shorelines detection obtained from video processing with simultaneous tidal water level estimated from hydrodynamics model. The model was calibrated with field observation data obtained in December 2013 in the nearshore domain by AWAC (Nortek AS). The study focuses on impact of typhoons and recovery dynamics on Nha Trang Beach. In Autumn 2013, Nha Trang has experienced the passing of two typhoons: Nari, 14 October and Haiyan, 10 November. Their impacts are assessed by a significant variation of inter-tidal topography and the recovery process takes only few days of calm wave conditions to reset the beach to its former state.


Year: 2014

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