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Physical Model Study of Piling-up and Current Patterns Around Serial Low-Crested Breakwaters

Author(s): D. M. Sulaiman; R. Triatmadja; R. W. Triweko

Linked Author(s): Radianta Triatmadja

Keywords: Nomograms; Serial low-crested breakwaters; Piling-up; Rip current

Abstract: 3D tests have been carried out in the 9 m x 7 m wave basin at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with the aim of analyzing waves and currents behind low-crested breakwaters. This paper presents the results of experiments on piling-up and flow patterns behind the low crested breakwaters made of geotextile tubes with a gap in between. Equations of piling-up and current velocity in the gap has been produced which shows a complex exponential function. For practical purposes and simplification of the equations, a coast erosion-accretion nomogram were created, which means a graphical representation of a mathematical relationship between the piling-up, the current velocity in the gap, freeboard, and gap width of the low crested breakwaters.


Year: 2014

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