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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2007 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
5164 Hydraulic engineering in the 21st century: Where to? 13th Arthur Ippen awardee, IAHR Member
Hubert Chanson
5165 Quasi two-dimensional model for straight overbank flows through emergent
P. Rameshwaran; K. Shiono
5166 Boundary conditions in a two-layer geomorphological model. Application to a
é Savary; Yves Zech
5167 Experimental investigations on different modes of headcut migration/ Investigations expérimentales sur différents modes de migration de headcut
Ashis Kumar Dey; Tetsuro Tsujimoto; Tadanori Kitamura
5168 Effects of using different sediment transport formulae and methods of computing Manning's roughness coefficient on numerical modeling of sediment transport
Sui Liang Huang
5169 Effect of seepage on scour due to submerged jets and resulting flow field
Arindam Sarkar; Subhasish Dey
5170 Vertical diffusion of pollution from line source near a wall
Ijaz M. Khan; Richard R. Simons; Anthony J. Grass
5171 Effects of submergence and test startup conditions on local scour by plane
N. Deshpande; R. Balachandar; K.A. Mazurek
5172 Steady flow regime for free overfall spillways. Influence of the ascending
A. Moñino; M.A. Losada; J. Riera
5173 Hydraulic calculation of bridges at high water stages
Tomas Picek; Ales Havlik; Daniel Mattas; Karel Mares

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