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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9389 A Study on Scouring Around Row of Cylinders Piles Due to a Tsunami Surge
Radianta Triatmadja; Benazir Kuswandi; David S. V. L. Bangguna
9390 Multiple Defense for Tsunami Inundation by Two Embankment System and Prevention of Oscilaltion by Trees on Embankment
Norio Tanaka; Yoshiya Igarashi
9391 Salinity Transport Analysis During a Tsunami Attack to Determine Recommended Shutdown Periods of Water Intakes by Using a Hybrid 2Dh-3D Model
Hiroshi Nagashima; Nozomu Yoneyama; William James Pringle
9392 Comparison of Residents' Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Prevention Awareness in Indonesia
Makoto Ikeda; Koji Asai
9393 Velocity Around a Cylinder Pile During Scouring Process Due to Tsunami
Kuswandi; Radianta Triatmadja; Istiarto
9394 Simulation of Tsunami Attack on Seawall Caisson
David S. V. L Bangguna; Radianta Triatmadja; Nur Yuwono
9395 Coastal Protection Against Tsunami Wave Force with Greenbelt
Novi Andhi Setyo Purwono; Nizam; Radianta Triatmadja
9396 Assessingthepollutant Spreading Using a Flood Simulation Model in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Masakazu Hashimoto; Kenji Kawaike; Hajime Nakagawa; Nozomu Yoneyama
9397 Are Invasive Phragmites Australis Better Wetlands Plants Than Native Typha Domingensis for Removing Nutrients in Dry Regions?
Kumud Acharya; Achyut Adhikari
9398 Performance of Constructed Wetland on Stormwater Quality Control
Nur Lia Johari; Chun Kiat Chang; Aminuddin Ab. Ghani; Marfiah Ab. Wahid; Suhaimi Abdul-Talib

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