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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9482 A Refined Formulation for Eddy Viscosity with Integrated Effects of Vortex Formations Due to Shear Instability
Ichiro Kimura; Takashi Hosoda; Michiaki Iwata; Shinichiro Onda
9483 Numerical Modeling for the Dispersion of Accidentally Released Contaminants in Changing River Environment in Korea
M. J. Kim; K. S. Jun
9484 An Incompressible Moving Particle Semiimplicit Model for Free-Surface Flow Interaction with Porous Media
Gourabananda Pahar; Anirban Dhar
9485 A Numerical Model for Wave Energy Dissipation by Vegetation
Lekshmy Devi C. A.; Jairaj P. G.; K. Balan
9486 Analysing Rain Garden Infiltration Efficiency Using Mouse Model
Haiming Li; Gregory De Costa
9487 Suppression of VIV Using Ventilated Trouser-an Experimental Investigation
Siddharth Manda; Narendran Kumar; Vinay Kumar Varma Kolahalam; Murali Kantharaj
9488 Numerical Simulation of Mudflow on Steep Slope Triggered by Heavy Rainfall
Puay How Tion; Zakaria Nor Azazi; Hosoda Takashi
9489 Numerical Modeling of Open-Channel Flows with Spalart-Allmaras Turbulence Model
Cheng Zeng; Jie Zhou
9490 Drag Coefficient of Rigid Vegetation in Subcritical Open Channel Flow
Xiao-Guang Liu; Yu-Hong Zeng
9491 Numerical Simulation Offine Sediment Transport in Minamata Bay Using Variable Grid
Edistri Nur Fathya; Shinichiro Yano; Akito Matsuyama; Akihide Tada

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