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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10149 Study on the Role of Zoobenthos in Remediation of Eutrophic Water Body
Yimin Zhang; Qian Chen; Jianying Chao; Yuexiang Gao
10150 An Automatic Method of Measurement for Bed-Load Transport Based on H-aDcp Measurements and River-Flow Simulations
Taiki Suzuki; Yasuo Nihei
10151 A Dynamic Interpolation and Extrapolation Method to Evaluate Cross-Sectional Velocity from Point Velocity
J. Kashiwada; Y. Nihei; E. Takashima; Y. Yamasaki; M. Ichiyama
10152 Effects of Footing and Its Geometry on Flow and Local Scouring Around Spur Dikes
Sayed Hashmat Sadat; Tominaga Akihiro
10153 The Effect of Flow Depth on Local Scour Around Non-Uniform Cylindrical Piers Under Steady Flows
Chuan-Yi Wang; Jen-Hao Cheng; Chia-Ling Chang; Han-Peng Shih; Yong-Jin Chen
10154 An Experimental Study on Railway Embankment Breach and Its Critical Flow Condition
Ryota Tsubaki; Yoshihisa Kawahara; Yasuhiro Ueda
10155 Salinity Transport Mechanisms in a Small Multi-Channel Estuary
Mohammad Soltaniasl; Kiyosi Kwanisi; Mahdi Razaz
10156 Exclusion of Salt Water in Low Lying Coastal Areas-Case Study of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka
S. S. L. Hettiarachchi; S. P. Samarawickrama; Gregory Shahane De Costa
10157 Frequency Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Parameters in the Johor Strait, Singapore
Manasa Ranjan Behera; P Sundarambal; Cui Chun; P Venugopalan; Pavel Tkalich
10158 Effects of the Atmospheric and Hydrodynamic Phenomena on Water Quality Variables in Tuas, Singapore
Cui Chun; Sundarambal Palani; Manasa Ranjan Behera; Pavel Tkalich

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