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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10169 Large-Scale Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulations on Cross-Shore Variation of Tsunami Loads on Vertical Walls
Sungwon Shin; Mary Beth Oshnack; Daniel Cox; Chong Kun Pyun; Kyuhan Kim
10170 Comparison of Social Change Impact on Domestic Water Budget in Suburban Catchments in Japan
Takaaki Sakamoto; Yui Shinozaki; And; Naoki Shirakawa
10171 2D Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Properties of Flow over Flip Bucket Structures
M. R. Keshavarz; A. N. Ziaei; A. R. Gheisi
10172 Mechanism of Rip Current Generation at Haeundae Beach
Choonghun Shin; Junwoo Choi; Jaeseok Bae; Sungbum Yoon
10173 Modeling Bed Shear Stress on an Armored River Bed Due to Hydropower Peaking
Oyvind Pedersen; Nils Ruther
10174 Three-Dimensional Numerical Morphological Modeling of Non-Uniform Sediment Transport and Bed Armoring Process
Gergely Tihamer Torok; Sandor Baranya; Nils Ruther
10175 Numerical Studies of Sediment Deposition in a Hydropower Reservoir
Stefan Haun; Nils Reidar B. Olsen
10176 Quantitative Analysis and Behavioral Modeling for a Land Mammal by Using a Wild Animal Auto Tracking System and Individual-Based Model
Masatoshi Denda
10177 Applications of Genetic Diversity to River Environmental Preservation
Keiko Muraoka; Yumi Shinotsuka; Yuji Suto; Kazumasa Nakamura; Junji Miwa
10178 Observation on Flowing Driftwoods Using Remote Controlled Camera
Yasuharu Watanabe; Hiroaki Shirai; Ryosuke Akahori

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