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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10059 A Study of Hydraulic Characteristics of Multi-Square-Hole Orifice Plates
Zhiyong Dong; Yonggang Yang; Qiqi Chen; Bin Shi; Xiaohua Ma
10060 Experimental Flow Structures Around Box Groyne with a Longitudinal Block
Feng Cai; Akihiro Tominaga
10061 Application of 2-D Numerical Model for Habitat Conservation of Endangered Fish Species in Korea
Young-Hoon Jin; Kyong-Bum Roh; Sung-Chun Park; Chang-Ryol Oh
10062 Characteristics of Fish Behavior in Pipe-Type Fishway and Simplified Design Method
Nobuyoshi Akashi; Yukio Ota; Makoto Ishikawa; Naozo Fukuda; Shinji Wakamiya
10063 New Acoustic System for Continuous Stramflow Measurement in Tidal Estuaries with Saltwater Intrusion
Junki Yano; Kiyosi Kawanisi; Mahdi Razaz
10064 A Design of Artificial Plant for Laboratory Experiment of Water Transport in a Soil–Vegetation System
Qian Lin; Takashi Kinoshita; Ryosuke Akoh; Tadaharu Ishikawa
10065 Modelling of Multi Phytoplankton Species in the Urayama Reservoir
Jungkyu Choi; Hiroshi Yajima
10066 Differences in Basal Energy Sources in a Regulated River: Implication for River Restoration
Wei Huang; Shinichiro Yano; Jianmin Zhang; Yurong Wang
10067 Characteristics of Water Quality at Matsusige Lock Gate Area Due to the Inflow from Nakagawa Canal to Hori River
Ugendra Regmi; Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo
10068 A New Technique for Evaluating Floating-Litter Transport Using Temporal Variation Rate of Water Elevation
Tatsuhito Onoi; Yasuo Nihei

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