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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10079 2D Numerical Modeling for Impacts of Bank Vegetation on Fluvial Geomorphology
Yi Xiaoa; Yan Yanga; Hong Wanga; Xuejun Shaoa
10080 Physical Modelling to Support the Appropriate Selection of Location, Planning and Layout of the Proposed Ganges Barrage in Bangladesh
Pintu Kanungoe; A. K. M Ashrafuzzaman
10081 Influence of Baffle and Slope on Vertical Slot Fishway
Mao Xi; Li Jia; An Ruidong
10082 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Gate Lip on Flow Domain Downstream of Outlet Gates
M. J. Monazami; M. R. Kavianpour; A. Ahmadi; H. R. Nonahal
10083 Application of Ncche's Sediment Transport Models to Papagayo River
Guillermo Cardoso-Landa
10084 Numerical Model for Sediment Density Current Simulation in Reservoir
Wang Rui
10085 Development of a LBS Based Smart Phone Application for Flood Investigation
Jongkook Lee; Juuk Kim; Eunjeong Lee
10086 Estimation of Sediment Yield Taking into Account SPA Tial Distribution of Moisture in a Basin
Tatsuya Nakazawa; Makoto Nakatsugawa
10087 Evaluation of Suspended-Solid Source in Tamagawa River Watershed with Continuous Turbidity Monitoring and X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
Kazuki Takekawa; Yasuo Nihei; Kentaro Tanaka
10088 Numerical Simulation for Validation of Vortex Induced Oscillation of a Rigid Cylinder with Two Degree of Freedom
Neetu Tiwari; K. Murali; K. Vinay; K. Narendran

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