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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10301 A Field Study on the Sediment Transport Characteristics of a High Sediment Load River in Taiwan
Jau-Yau Lu; Chih-Chiang Su; Jian-Hao Hong
10302 Evaluation of Reservoir Sedimentation Countermeasures by a Numerical Sediment Transport Model
H. Jin; M. Ouchi; T. Fukuda
10303 Dune Dynamics in Curved River Sections
Jochen Aberle; Martin Henning; Bernd Hentsche
10304 Integrating Bedform Dynamics with Large-Scale Computational Models for Flow and Morphodynamics in Rivers
Jonathan Nelson; Yasuyuki Shimizu; Richard Mcdonald
10305 A Shock-Capturing Method for 1D Debris Flow Equations
Joongcheol Paik; Sang-Deok Park; Young-Ho Yoon
10306 Depth-Averaged Modeling of Flow and Bed Elevation Change in a Curved Channel with Dispersion Stress Terms
Tae Beom Kim; Sung-Uk Choi
10307 Sediment Loads in a Full Pipe Flow
Kwang Ik Son; K. H. Kim; S. Jang; M. C. Kim; H. J. Kim
10308 Diffusion of Bed-Load and the Development of Stable Straight Gravel-Bed Channels
Graham Macky
10309 Stability Analysis on the Self-Adjustment of River Width
Yasuharu Watanabe; Takahiko Masumoto; Hiroshi Hayakawa; Yasuyuki Hirai
10310 Mean and Variance of Suspended Particles Vertical Velocity in Turbulent Flow
Kiyoshi Kawanishi; Hitoshi Masuoka; Peter Nielsen

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