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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10201 Predictive Uncertainty in Flood Forecasting and Emergency Management
Ezio Todini
10202 Understanding and Modelling the Impacts of Land Use Management on Flooding
John Ewen; Greg O'Donnell; Josie Geris; Will Mayes; Mark Wilkinson; Paul Quinn; Enda O'Connell
10203 Assessment of Uncertainty of Design Rainfall Event in Hydrologic Engineering Applications
Yeou-Koung Tung; C. L. Wong
10204 Impact of Catchment Size for Stormwater Modelling in the Auckland Region
Yudan Liang; Heide Friedrich; Asaad Shamseldin; Bodo Hellberg
10205 Computational Feasibility of Long Term Continuous Simulation
A. G. Barnett
10206 Experimental Study on Flood Control During Construction for Jinping II Hydropower Station
Chunju Zhao; Yihong Zhou; Hongmin Guo
10207 Estimation of the Future Flood Damages in Japan Using GCMs and Numerical Geological Data
Hirofumi Takiguchi; Ayumu Sato; Seiki Kawagoe; So Kazama
10208 Numerical Analysis of Flood Intensity in Inundation Area with an Idealized City
Hyung-Jun Kim; Kwang Seok Yoon; Jin Woo Lee; Yong-Sik Cho
10209 Water Resources Allocation Among Wildlife and Human Activities–Learning from the Example of the Sabie River Basin, South Africa
Tetsuro Tsujimoto; Satoshi Yamagishi; Masaru Kubota; Junko Sagara
10210 Analysis of Flood Control Effect by Flood Storage Reservoirs Using Numerical and Experimental Model
Kwang Seok Yoon; Hyung-Jun Kim; Chang-Hwa Lim

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