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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10261 LIF Measurements of Turbulent Diffusion in Vegetated Open–Channel Flow
Taka-Aki Okamoto; Iehisa Nezu; Aki Katayama
10262 Numerical Simulation of Coherent in Structure in Submerged Vegetated Open-Channel Flows
Taka-Aki Okamoto; Iehisa Nezu
10263 Measurements of Coherent Waving Motion of Flexible Vegetations
Taka-Aki Okamoto; Iehisa Nezu
10264 Science Supporting Management of Water and Ecological Resources in the Central Platte River, Nebraska, USA
Paul Kinzel; Jonathan Nelson; Richard Mcdonald; Brandy Logan
10265 Numerical Investigation of the Reynolds Number Dependence of the Flow Within Model Ponds at Different Geometric Scale Ratios
Sher Khan; Bruce W. Melville; Roger Nokes; Asaad Y. Shamseldin; Heide Friedrich
10266 Flow Resistance and Momentum Transport in Open Channel Flow with Submerged Vegetation
Takayuki Tanaka; Terunori Ohmoto; Shinya Tanaka
10267 Ice Forecast by Artificial Neural Networks in South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Project
Wang Tao; Yang Kai-Lin; Fu Hui; Guo Yongxin; Guo Xinglei
10268 Study on Water Pricing Regulation in Water Supply and Demand Based on System Dynamics: A Case Study of Yulin City
Wang Xiao-Jun; Zhang Jian-Yun; Liu Jiu-Fu; Liu Cui-Shan
10269 Aspects of Hazard Assessments for Two Unique Natural Hazards in New Zealand
M G Webby; G T Hancox; H J R Keys; J Walker
10270 Woody Debris and Turbidity Current in the Shihmen Reservoir
Fong-Zuo Lee; Jihn-Sung Lai; Shuen-Jong Tsorng; Yih-Chi Tan

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