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Proceedings of the 4th IAHR European Congress (Liege, 2016)

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  • ISBN: 9781138029774
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Editor: Sebastien Erpicum; Benjamin Dewals; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton
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ID Title Authors Year
10536 Estimating Stem-Scale Mixing Coefficients in Low Velocity Flows
F. Sonnenwald; I. Guymer; A. Marchant; N. Wilson; M. Golzar; V. Stovin
10537 Hybrid Downscaling and Conditioning for Characterizing Multivariate Flooding Extremes
M. del Jesus; P. Camus; I. J. Losada
10538 Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Meteorological Drought Forecasting Using Standard Precipitation Index (SPI)
S. Golian; P. Yavari; H. Ruigar
10539 Accuracy Assessment of Isi-Mip and FAO Hydrological Modelling Results in the Upper Indus Basin
Asif Khan; Mujahid Khan
10540 A Gaussian Design-Storm for Mediterranean Convective Events
I. Andres-Domenech; R. Garcia-Bartual; M. Rico Cortes; E. Albentosa Hernandez
10541 Extreme Hydrological Situations on Danube River-Case Study Bezdan Hydrological Station (SERBIA)
M. Urosev; I. Lescesen; D. Strbac; D. Dolinaj
10542 Presenting an Empirical Model for Determining the Sugar Beet Evapotranspiration by GDD Parameter (Case Study: Torbat-Jam, Iran)
F. Jan Nesar; A. Khashei Suiki; S. R. Hashemi; S. Moradi Kashkooli
10543 Impact of Rainfall Variability on the Sewerage System of Casablanca City, Morocco
L. Ennajem; D. Loudyi
10544 Implications of CMIP5 Derived Climate Scenarios for Discharge Extremes of the Rhine
F. C. Sperna Weiland; M. Hegnauer; H. Van den Boogaard; H. Buiteveld; R. Lammersen; J. Beersma
10545 How Will Be Future Rainfall IDF Curves in the Context of Climate Change?
H. Tabari; P. Hosseinzadehtalaei; P. Willems; S. Saeed; E. Brisson; N. Van Lipzig

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