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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10695 Evaluation of Energy Recovery in Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Systems
Mohsen Besharat; Sandra C. Martins; Helena M. Ramos
10696 Cross-Sectional Flow and Bed Shear Stress: Application of the Depth-Averaged Momentum Equation in a Meandering Laboratory Flume
Donatella Termini
10697 A Comparison of Distributed Hydrological Models for Runoff Generation in the Portuguese Guadiana
Helder Magalhaes; Eduardo Vivas; Levi Brekke; Rodrigo Maia
10698 A Detailed Measurement Campaign of Spatial Velocity Profiles in Vertically Submersible Pumps
F. I. H. Verhaart; A. De Fockert; S. A. A. Zwanenburg
10699 Development of a Method Using Infrared Thermography for Shallow Flow Visualization and Quantitative Estimation of Velocity
Rui P. De Lima; Theodore G. Cleveland; Rita F. De Carvalho
10700 Velocity Field Measurements in Tailings Dam Failure Experiments Using a Combined PIV-PTV Approach
Rui Aleixo; Yavuz Ozeren; Mustafa Altinakar; Daniel Wren
10701 Characteristics of Air-Water Interface of Air Pockets in a Conduit
Chang Lin; Chia Hsun Lu; Ting Liu; James Yang
10702 Experimentally-Based Analytical Model for Air Entrainment in Central Jet Dropshafts
Angela Esposito; Federico Dell'Orfano; Guelfo Pulci Doria; Paola Gualtieri
10703 Experimental Study of Friction Slope in Unsteady Non-Uniform Flow in Rectangular Channel
Magdalena M. Mrokowska; Pawel M. Rowinski; Monika B. Kalinowska
10704 Numerical Modeling of Supercritical Open Channel Bend Flows with OpenFOAM Using the Volume of Fluid (VOF) Technique
Javier L. Lara; Pablo Higuera; Inigo J. Losada

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