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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10665 Experimental Investigation of Beyhan 1 Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Water Intake Structure
Mustafa Gogus; A. Burcu Altan-Sakarya; Ismail Aydin; Mete Koken; Cuneyt Yavuz; Ali Ersin Dincer; Kutay Yilmaz
10666 Sediment Transport Through Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: Monitoring Methods for Long Term, Multiple Event Analysis
Deonie Allen; Scott Arthur; Heather Haynes; Robert Ellam; Valerie Olive; Kevin Black; Jenny Mant
10667 Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts in Anisotropic Rock
Alexandre J. Pachoud; Anton J. Schleiss
10668 Corrective Measures of the River Bed Protection Downstream a Dam Founded in Deep Alluvia. the Case of Crestuma-Lever Dam
Jose F. Melo; Jose Dias Da Silva; Irene Fernandes; Laura Caldeira; Luis Miranda
10669 Hydraulic Transients in Pumping Systems with Horizontal Pipes
Joao Delgado; Didia I. C. Covas; Antonio Betamio De Almeida
10670 2D Numerical Simulation of Granular Flow Dynamics and Validation with Experimental Data
Carmelo Juez; Asier Lacasta; Daniel Caviedes-Voullieme; Javier Murillo; Pilar Garcia-Navarro
10671 Velocity-Distribution in Pressurized Pipe Flow Using CFD: Mesh Independence Analysis
Nuno M. C. Martins; Nelson J. G. Carrico; Didia I. C. Covas; Helena M. Ramos
10672 Numerical Simulation of the Flow Around a Pier Using OpenFOAM
Pedro Ramos; Joao Pedro Pego; Rodrigo Maia
10673 Numerical Modeling of Compound Channel Flows
E. Awad
10674 Application of SPH to Real-World Free-Surface Flows
Damien Violeau; Martin Ferrand; Agnes Leroy; Arno Mayrhofer; Alexander Vorobyev; Alexis Herault

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